Warehouse capacity calculator

Warehouse capacity calculator

Everyone who ever looked for a warehouse for rent or was about to build one, had to calculate the capacity of every particular warehouse over and over. It’s not a big math quest still it takes some time. And as we really value your time we’d like to provide you with a tiny warehouse capacity calculator. But as they say – talk is cheap – so here we go:

Warehouse space: ??? sq.m.
Warehouse capacity: ??? pallets.
Warehouse coefficient: ??? pallet/sq.m.

* – Notes:
1. Warehouse width – is distance between front wall (with the gates) and the back wall.
2. Expedition space – is part of the warehouse space (here in the percentage of the whole space) used for expedition – loading zone.
3. Please use point sign when entering fractional numbers.

The results a rather approximate. In case of huge mismatch with your expectations – please let us know: info @ spb4rent.ru

Comments and ideas on development of the calculator are welcome!

Our specialization: rent of warehouses at Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
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