8 Advices for the Commercial Real Estate Tenants

advices4lesseesDear readers, we’d like to provide you with some useful information on how to choose an object for rent and how to build up communications with the lesser.

1. Choose the object beforehand, and not right on the day you supposed to move or start the business

This will help you to make up your mind about the market supply, find more objects and choose the best one at a better price.

2. Read the contract of lease attentively

Especially be attentive of the parts that concern your duties and responsibilities. If you’re aware of some lines of the contract – feel free to argue about changing or excluding them. Some of them might be obligative though so you just have to decide if you want to play by the rules set by lesser.

3. Check the title documents

First question: if the lesser is the owner of the object?? If he’s not than check if he’s got the right to make lease contracts with third party (it should be stated in his contract with the owner. Don’t’ be afraid of sublease contracts because it’s rather spread way of managing real estate objects (at least in Russia).

4. Define the risk of probable need of changing the object

Every move of a business to a new place causes huge expenses, even not to say about the one caused by the down time.

That’s why you should understand if the owner is going to hold the object or get rid of it in the perspective. Also consider how old is the object, is it going to fall apart soon? You probably wouldn’t like to get the roof on your shoulders. 

5. Pay the advance sum for the last month of the agreement period

The advance will be the guarantee of your calm and convenient work at the place. Cause even if you ever be a bit late with the current payment – you would not have a real debt – for the advance.

6. Don’t ignore the managing stuff

Even if you’re THE GREAT BOSS at your GREAT Company don’t ignore the managing stuff of the lesser, otherwise they likely consider it as an offense. And you wouldn’t want it. Or would you?
Remember – you are one of the clients of the company so please follow the rules of the lesser’s business-process. Most common and intelligent way of solving problems is to write a query to the lesser.

7. The ink and paper is your weapon

It’s very important to lead the correspondence correctly. The registred outgoing or incoming letter can be your argument in your later negotiations or even at court.
Also be sure to spell the attention part of your letter right. It would be disgrace to mess the surname or the post of the addressee.
Write you point clear, short and polite.

8. Ask the professionals

Be sure to ask professionals of the market – sometimes a cheap or free consultation can save you a good wealth.

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We hope these little advices will help you at your cooperation with the lesser! Other posts are coming up soon. Hope you’ll follow us on twitter or RSS!

Any questions and comments on the post are welcome!

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